Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice? Or, Should Some “Men” Have Been Castrated?


Before we even begin, in fact where all should’ve begun from the very beginning of, and on the subject around, surrounding the rights of abortions for women of all races/nationalities/ethnicities and according ages, the litigations and discussions which then resulted in and came to a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, titled, Roe v. Wade (1973 which legalized abortions countrywide), we should’ve began discussing as to the accountability needed and necessary to be set on, put forth and laid out unto a number of men thus put to their word for their: portrayals and for their lackadaisical/lack of self control/irresponsible inseminations thus the shirking of their duties, the failing on steps necessary to be taken, and the incompletions of prerequisites required in order to be standup fathers in the future and develop into parenthood—first and foremost.

Key word: SOME. You know who you are. Neither party are to be put into one basket.

Nonetheless of course and to be fair in very, very few circumstances, as there are inevitable exceptions, some ladies are also to be held accountable yet to a minor extent that is, IF, they’ve succumbed to and have allowed themselves to be stuck and immobile in a toxic relationship and companionship then to be manipulated and taken advantage of time and time again. I have to and must be just here, ladies. It’s two in one. I LOVE. Stay strong, courageous, beautiful, glamorous and magnificent internally and externally. [In spite of that let it be stated that, they unequivocally and categorically are our Angels, Mothers, and Queens despite any and all.] So, “men”—don’t get it twisted. It is to take much patience and preparation to call and put yourself in the categorization of fatherhood. Children, your flesh and blood, are not to be toyed with. Furthermore in terms of who and which party should be held accountable there’s always more to the story and what will come to light sooner than later. Whether that be in this of our lives or, the next. As there are books that evolve and accumulate which then turn into volumes; prequels and sequels of movies, songs, and etc.

Moreover it is understandable that, our emotions indeed at times and on certain occasions can get the best of us, unfortunately.

We have to look beyond not only our horizons and broaden our vantage points but beyond, challenging and tackling what is at odds with the status quo and conventional wisdom. Children, our next generation times over as built and will build upon one another, are gifts and allowances entrusted, given to us by The Highest for us to hoan with great responsibility of savoring, raising, treasuring, moulding, and protecting them to the very best of our abilities, efforts, breaths, and sacrifices. Though I am in fact Pro-Life I, personally, have had to dig deeper into my views and perspectives particularly after having learned and gained knowledge about an advocate for abortions and activist by the lady named Patricia Maginnis who just recently passed. RIP.


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