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From birth, we’re pure beings

We’re all born as pure beings. It is that everything else trailing, from then on which clouds/covers/clamors/distorts/disrupts such purity. All of that however can and are to be peeled away to allow that purity to yet again for once more, come to fruition and bloom. To mitigate any and all forms of violence Everything begins …


What I see is this. Abortion in fact, has NOT a THING to do with abortion. It has to do with or, is has not to do with, prospective parental responsibility and judgements and their processes of thought at the right moment in time. Or at the wrong moment in time by ways of irresponsible, …

Coral Reefs


Frankly as far as Planned Parenthood [which is an oxymoron all in and of itself] goes, I don’t know what they call themselves planning besides planning to revoke a mother of motherhood who they in fact could’ve not only guided through to the success of being a mother; and/or having guided and led a mother …

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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice? Or, Should Some “Men” Have Been Castrated?

Before we even begin, in fact where all should’ve begun from the very beginning of, and on the subject around, surrounding the rights of abortions for women of all races/nationalities/ethnicities and according ages, the litigations and discussions which then resulted in and came to a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, titled, Roe …