Failure to communicate through integrity

It does sadden me greatly to see the careers of decades for scores of people that have been demolished and absolutely, ruined. Indeed this goes much more so, always, for gentlewomen. There are and forever will be around and in the same vicinity, ladies and gentlemen, and the varying genders and orientations. That’ll never change. … Read more


Revenge; vengeance has not a single thing to do with “revenge.” It has to do with one’s sense of guilt and their guilty conscience. Because why else would someone not want for others what they want for themselves which goes against what is concrete, pure, and true to one’s core.


Stick With Me—PLEASE

When it comes to victimhood in this day and age, era and epoch within and amongst every nationality and ethnicity, over the past few years I’ve wondered whether or not a few African Americans [they’re not the only ones] and those of all other nationalities/ethnicities could perhaps in one way, on one level or another, … Read more