Whether it’s been reading, listening in on correspondences between my family members/friends/acquaintances, following, tracking, monitoring my movements, positions, and maneuvers then spreading misinformation across cities and statelines (amongst those you don’t even really know but who were/are/have been too easily influenced and gullible unable to think for themselves), Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments coordinating across state and border lines against ONE simple ME in cahoots with Local and Federal government agencies and departments…including small businesses in addition to other companies, industries, and corporations, and tracking my internet history/behaviors/activities—you will never find or get what you’re looking for to use against me for your vengeance of backlash and retaliation.

That you’ve had and continue to have no concern or care, whatsoever, about violating and intruding upon every aspect and detail of my life illustrates not only your lack of empathy and sympathy but your inability to do what’s right in order to be trusted. So, what then makes you think you have a right to mistrust another person if you cannot even trust yourself to do right unto yourself?

How [Billions] of people are and have been needed against ONE simple and mere me yet have failed every single bit of time will never make sense to…

Thank YOU!!!

I LOVE you ALL!!!

[But after all that—it seems you here still can’t question, discuss, comment directly to and with ME because you’re afraid of being proven wrong and failing; again :)]

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