To those within, associated, and affiliated with WILLIAM PEACE UNIVERSITY but who know better and are well aware of the crimes and illegalities they’re involved in, commit, and have committed, I strongly urge you to have your president removed and replaced with someone courageous enough to stand against falsehoods. To ensure that the appropriate so called “professor,” the main culprit, is held fully accountable. You know what you’ve done wrong.

For years now you’ve negatively affected the lives, peace, and innocence of so many people and their beloved families, my sacred home and neighbors, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, within the MPD, and scores of people in the DMV area, and beyond.

Nonetheless and although they’re victims and must also be accordingly held accountable for being accomplices, I also strongly urge them however to take their issues, concerns, and complaints to WPU for the way their lives have been impacted by the lies, fabrications, evilness, and wickedness.

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The Innocent
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The Innocent
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