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There comes a point in time when too much has been done, things gone too far, and enough is enough and one must ask for them to be justifiably corrected and resolved—nonetheless without harm nor vengeance wished upon the other.

There’s no sensible, logical, ethically moral, mature, humane, and decent judge who would be ok with and permit a school/university/college, residential facility nor a Police Department to violate and intrude upon all aspects and details of one’s life and that of one’s family and friends, their privacy and private matters; including a medical facility to release confidential information of theirs based on lies and fabrications, ruining their prospects of employment and connections, and being involved with the theft of one’s vehicle and their identity. But if you are such who would allow and permit this, you have no business being where you are as a so called “civil” judge.

*Thank YOU, [Woodcreek Apartments] in Cary, NC for having the audacity to respond and courageously let it be known that you’d like to correct and right your wrongs as none other than you have been willing to do anything about their illegalities.

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What I Don't Want for YOU

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What I Don't Want for YOU

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