No matter what is done or not done to, or for, me, I will always and forever continue to defend and speak for the truth.

From the very beginning of my time at American University, as a result of their willingness to affiliate and associate themselves with William Peace University, I knew that they were, and would be, accomplices in the criminalities and illegalities, lies and fabrications, retaliation, backlash, and vengeance of WPU.

That a professor would share and disseminate an assignment of mine amongst my classmates before its due date and final submission (based on eavesdroppings of my conversations) instead of providing relevant feedback on it to professors who’d share and disseminate assignments of mine across the school, and beyond, without my consent and for the wrong reasons. In addition to professors and classmates, and many more, who’d violate and intrude upon my privacy and private livelihood by reading and listening in on my text messages, phone calls, and emails.

Nonetheless to each and every one of my former classmates and aspiring scholars at AU and WPU, know that I don’t blame any of you for having been victimized and conscripted to participate in such acts of hatred and vengeance. I’m with and LOVE you ALL. That being said, however, know that they’d do the same to you if you get to a point in your life where you have no choice but to expose and speak out against wrongdoings and heinous acts witnessed around you.

The fact that we’ve had two schools 100s of miles apart in cahoots with one another and weaponized against one man based on lies and fabrications all for the sake of retaliation, vengeance, and backlash—shows and proves to us that the degrees and grades one has mean absolutely and fundamentally, nothing, without dignity, honesty, and integrity.

P.S. I love the fact that scores of people, including Law Enforcement who are ignorant and don’t know any better, observe and track my Social Media and Online activities because they think, as is typical of delusional minds, that they’ll be able to catch me doing or planning something that would somehow give them justification and reasonable cause for their criminalities and illegalities. They’re the ones who cannot be trusted and the ones folks need to be cautioned around. That’s not to say that there are of course, honorably, scores of people and Law Enforcement Officers who indeed do know better but who’ve yet been able to muster and garner the courage and intestinal fortitude to object to the masses thus be at odds with the fractured and distorted status quo.

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