How can we make “sense” out of nonsense?

[I’d really love for somebody to try to make sense out of all this.]

A few months back as a result of those who thought I’d attempted to break into a lady’s home, someone in return for the sake of revenge parked in my spot at my place of residence alongside another person who was to be there in the parking spot beside mine to supposedly watch over me in protection of others. Yet, furthermore on the other hand, ever since the specific location of my apartment was shared with my neighbors, and the local Police and Fire Department they’ve perpetually, day after day and day and night peered, stared into, observed and surveilled the inside of my home to then pass along every bit of my doings and movements amongst everyone else living in the city and beyond, including amongst our beloved homeless people in and surrounding our vicinity. On top of everything else what sense does it make to have gotten them involved with even more lies and fabrications to disrupt their lives, making them more vulnrable? I love YOU ALL, dearly, and have always done my very best when possible and called for. And will continue doing so.

How do you think your family would’ve felt if they’d known their every aspect of life has been violated?

What else would you have done if I’d been the one to peer into the homes of my neighbors, listened in on the phone calls between you and your family members?

Setting aside whatever you don’t like about me as far as what I stand up and speak for, what is it truly that you despise of me and mine? Is it our religion? Is it our ethnicity/nationality/genders? Because you obviously do not care about either gender let alone those of our mothers/angels/queens/princesses. Point being is that there’s something much, much deeper that’s preventing sensible, rational, and logical thought processes to come and flow through.

So you accuse me of having attempted to break into someone’s home whilst you violate on a day to day basis the sanctity of my home? Is that not beyond hypocritical?

Silmultaneously committing multiple crimes doesn’t make such crimes any less criminal of criminality.

[Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right.]

After all these years there’s still no one out of the billions who’ve been against me with the guts to question ONE man, DIRECTLY through any platform, regarding everything you heard about me before and after my move?

Nonetheless there’ve been several of you all along over the years who I directly reached out to in a decent, caring, and loving manner. A time being too much emphasis on “Love,” however. But it was taken the wrong way completely when I was the one willing to initiate and begin a humane conversation on any platform whatever.


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