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To any and all establishments big or small and upcoming, evolving and developing, FYI after today having observed and evaluated the structure of a company, I have this that I care much to share:

Staging, selecting, and putting forth an African American simply to hold the position as the director of your “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” department is not, never has and never will solve anything that’s intended. It in fact implies and indicates that the opposite is more of a concern and that is, for the status quo or paradigm to not be changed nor remedied. Furthermore it’s counterintuitive thus counterproductive towards the ultimate goal, purpose, and objective. It shows and illustrates that their fellow sacred human being doesn’t truly care to resolve such deep issues of concern because if they truly had, they themselves would proudly, lovingly and be more than willing to host, represent and present themselves as the Director/Leader of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department heartedly caring about resolving such issues of concern—on behalf of those other than themselves, those who don’t look like them rather than putting someone else in the position merely for the illusion of the advocation for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Therefore not to put someone who looks like the people whom you’re striving to include and bring on-board. Because that’s scapegoating and actually making things seem much worse and just a getaway and a throwaway line. I state this because it’s so crucial to be willing, to the very best of our abilities not only make amends, but, to stand up for those other than ourselves with whom were most familiar and look like. Frankly, too familiar being that if we’ve failed and lack to familiarize ourselves with those who don’t look like us then we’re only closing ourselves off to expanding and broadening our horizons and vantage points. And, that, is true obstruction to the facet of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


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