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The Pure Guts, Courage, Strength, and Intestinal Fortitude of Representative Liz Cheney

She’s [won] in the eyes of truth, and that’s what only matters, truly. Despite one’s political leaning, agenda, or party, Representative Liz Cheney has my and deserves the utmost respect for having exuded such strength, courage and intestinal fortitude to speak out and stand up against, against all odds, her party and such a large …

Healing, Redemption, and Rectification are Possible

Perhaps you want to and/or can’t answer because of deep guilt and seemingly no point of return after all times/efforts/energies wasted, but, what do you think you’ve gotten out of; where do you think it’s gotten you; how do you think you’ve benefitted from; what do you think you’ve succeeded at through your violations and …

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Even Though You’ve Been and ARE The Thieves/Liars/Cowards

Since you’re too weak and cowardice to ask me directly… Whoa, what videos did he happen to come across then watch on YouTube about people stealing/thieving, and scamming? What’s he planning? Is he gonna start stealing, lying, and being a coward like us? Like us who’ve been doing and committing such thefts and robberies…? *Doesn’t …

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The Humor Yet Sadness

When you think you’re benefiting from and doing the right thing by wasting so much of your time violating and intruding upon the lives of others, I pity you. What’s really wrong with you and what’s your problem? Please think about that 🙂