Love’s Solution to Amazon’s Union Problem

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Though Amazon is and has been facing many controversies, disagreements, complaints, questionings, and concerns in regards to its working environments and culture, as to whether or not, that it is a “monopoly” because in fact it is yet a conglomerate is, thoughtless, to say the least. Particularly when it comes to the offerings, publicity and advantages that it does and has been providing to and for its Sellers and etc. Amazon, at the heart and core of it, encourages competitions and challenges.

Amazon from A to Z, indicates and implies that each and every single turn/round-about/line/circle/bend/hang that is encompassed within the alphabet from and between “A” and “Z” are, and are reflective of the sole uniqueness of the Amazon River [its twists and turns thus its maneuvers]: the various and the varying, the progressive and the progressing, the multiple and the multiplying, the diverse and the diversifying Customers, the dedicated and professional employees up and down the totem pole. Therefore countless and variations of items and products to purchase, watch/visualize/look to/look at, utilize for your safety and the safety of your friends and family, your neighborhood. I think you know where we’ve gone, where we’re going, and where we will continue going with this.

Our Customers and Employees in the middle, in and between at all levels, pages and stages—are NOT mutually exclusive. Which, furthermore are on and pursuing paths not only in allowing themselves to grow within our industry but, in allowing them to reach their full potentials for them to, follow and conquer their dreams and passions for we all, are, ONE. With the tools, additionally, that amazon gives with Love by Love and through Love for the people of which we are a part. Let us recognize frankly for a company that warehouses, stocks and stores per inventory, will face many challenges, adversities, and adversaries as well when you take into account the mobilities and physicalities of persons. The most precious and jeweled of creatures. No, this in no way is justification. That would be naive. Hence, in response and when it comes to the questions of unionizing within amazon, a Conglomerate it is to, and will illustrate, thus, defy all odds to exemplify what a company should and indeed can do then for its employees, not to prevent nor obstruct nor create adversities for them to unionize, but, revitalizations of practices and exercises put into action so employees don’t ever feel the need to unionize as a result of their morally ethical treatment, upliftment, encouragement, and inspiration.

Such will be perpetually inevitable and promising for US. The U.S.A. The Globe.

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