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Shafi Love Goodwin

My Accomplishments and Successes pertaining to, thus laid out, exemplify All said Executive and Technical Core Qualifications/Competencies, that overlap and build upon one another, which will be clear and coherent once here and this thoroughly read 

[For it is not a multitude of words that matter—it is, and the question, is, as to the pure and true essence of, words]:

Leading Change

The saga, each chapter and page in my book of life, titled, “Change,” each and every work related experience and otherwise, have overlapped and built upon one another enabling me to in fact encompass the ability to develop and implement an organizational vision which integrates key program goals, priorities, values and accordingly, other factors. The ability to balance change and continuity, to continually strive to improve customer service and program performance within a basic framework to create a work environment that encourages creative thinking, to maintain focus, intensity and persistence, defying and going against all odds whilst overcoming adversity, and, surpassing adversaries.

Before me which was dire to visualize and face, embedded and consisted of working in multiple and numerous job and career fields encountering professionals within and of all backgrounds and walks of life, genders/ethnicities/nationalities and, having experienced processes of termination due to tardiness; in which I’d slept in overtime passed a scheduled interview after having stayed up speaking on the phone for an extended period of time the evening prior to; and, having been denied full-time and permanent employment, yet after completing and going through a probationary period due to the fact, post-military, that I was unable to and had severe difficulty in slowing down and pacing my steps, thus having put myself in danger, time over. But, most importantly, those around and surrounding, me. This, is what sparked and initiated a page-turn for, me…in order that I enact and put in place empathetic and sympathetic Change, comprehensively yet, accordingly and soundly through and under MY effective Leadership.

In stating and having said that, the first and primary responsibilities, issues and concerns to address when it comes to determining whether or not one, is, in fact, Leading to effect coherent, transparent, and necessary Change [WE can and must always work to improve ourselves and advocate for Change], accordingly, over any and all persons, groups or teams, thus advancing and learning, slowly by surely, to Lead a company, an organization/corporation, further a conglomerate and so forth, are directly associated with facts as to whether or not, one [we], has had opportunities and been fortunate to grasp the concepts and what it means to, [Follow]. And, that, from my very personal experiences is where MY inherent abilities and capabilities to [Lead] arise and have come to fruition. I know how to follow. I have followed. I have been there. Having learned and come to realize the importance of mustering/garnering the courage and intestinal fortitude to admit to downfalls/shortfalls/mishaps, mistakes and failures, continuously. Though, each and every one of us have special and unique stories and dealings. 

Furthermore, having mustered the courage and intestinal fortitude to stand up and speak out against wrongdoing no matter what the circumstances, atmosphere or environment. Hereon, one can only advance and make improvements from direct experiences for all and, as a whole. Therefore in response to, thus, stating and equating, factualizing MY qualification to Lead to effect change was in fact nurtured during my time serving in the military, furthermore wherein I was afforded the utmost respect, per and by Senior leadership, internally and externally, and depended on and held responsible, even as a subordinate, to lead and influence change as a whole in order, subsequently, to leave a lasting impact not only on my peers, but, senior Team leaders. I did so, continually throughout the times dedicated to finishing school. On the grounds of a college/university on which I led and effectualized an environment and atmosphere of diversity and inclusion, of transparent and open communication, of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY.

Leading People. Following the above, and, as per my established and persistent presence and deliverance on the grounds of my Alma Mater, beyond merely an aspiring scholar, I was fortunate, as needed and necessary and when called for, to observe thus respond accordingly through my essays, at extraordinary collegiate levels, which were then shared and passed along across our entire campus, families and relatives of all aspiring scholars, as to downfalls and shortcomings relative to lax of and distortedly coherent, open, and transparent communication and comprehensive understandings, practices and exercises to implement a sensical sphere of diversity and inclusion not only when it came to ethnicities and nationalities of minority statuses, but, genders, ages, and of, all else.

These enactments and presentations, did, qualify me and involve my ability to design and implement strategies which maximized student potential and fostered high morally ethical standards in meeting the institution’s vision, mission and goals. I improved, increased, accomplished and delivered for what I’d stepped on such campus to do…having left, cemented, and embedded a lifelong and lasting imprint and, concrete footprint; yes indeed for all future students of my Alma Mater, but, also those preceding me, my fellow colleagues, to have opportunities to strengthen ourselves and persons, our hearts and souls, and characters, by looking to what has come and progressed, further on of different generations, eras and epochs.

Results Driven. The results from and, of, the aforementioned implementations, strategies, tactics, duties, and skills presented themselves in forms and ways in which each and every person internal, and external to our campus, yet more so as a whole, broad and wide, consciously and subliminally expressed gratitude for the doings I enacted, sought forgiveness and empathy for having responded to and answering me in illegitimate, incorrect, inconsiderate, and disrespectful ways — which gave them no choice but to adopt and act upon my statements and writings, preachings, and orders as they came to fully understand that I, simply, desired for the best of all in order that we, wholesomely, grew and learn, together, as ONE.

Having stressed accountability for our actions, wrongdoings, failures and mistakes and continuous improvement, I qualified myself which included an increased ability for me to make timely and effective decisions to produce results through strategically improved planning and implementation to evaluate programs and policies, called for on day-to-day bases.

Business Acumen. Simply put, considering the fact that I had gained the utmost trust of my Executive, Senior, Peer leadership, and that of my Subordinates during my service in the military, I was instructed and made responsible to advise leadership whilst carrying out crucial tasks and missions such as those that allowed and called for us to safely and coherently fulfill our duties to the very best of our abilities, by adapting and overcoming, despite the conditions, poor if you may, tools and equipment provided, nonetheless ensuring to accomplish and complete all assigned tasks, in timely manners and fashions—as a junior, myself. 

As a tenured, per se, and an experienced Junior Marine and one of the most trained when it came to and in comparison to my peers due to the number of training exercises I practiced and participated in, I was designated amongst very few others to promptly depart for a training exercise prior to the main body’s arrival to conduct such exercise, to work with and alongside stakeholders of external forces to our Department in order to acquire and administer human, material, information resources in a manner which instilled trust furthermore to accomplish, as a whole, our organization’s mission, using and putting to full use, varieties of makes and newly adopted training exercises to enhance, and alter accordingly, decision-making processes. My qualifying Business Acumen is resilient, altering and adopting dependent on the tasks and duties put forward and at hand. 

Building Coalitions/Communication. Firstly, prior to my promotion in the military I, was put in charge and took the necessary initiatives to extend, share and pass along knowledge extracted and grasped from my experiences to those of my peers as I qualified and had become capable to do so, clearly and coherently delegate to, allowing them to have full comprehension as to the next steps required to take in order to smoothly traverse and uplift and better themselves professionally in accordance with the expectations and decency of the military but also such that, would translate into their careers in the Private sector, post-military. And, secondly, amongst my studious and scholarly colleagues, my skills and qualities involved the ability to explain, advocate and express facts and ideas in a convincing manner, and to negotiate with individuals and groups internally and externally. They also involved my ability, that I’d reach a level of reasonable capability, to develop an expansive professional network (once out and inserted into the “Real” world) with internal organizations, primarily, but moreover for them to have the abilities to identify external policies that would have a range of impacts to substantially affect the work per the furtherance of their organization(s).

Shafi Love Goodwin

Mechanical/Professional Core Qualification (MTQs). I was raised to treat sacredly and have the utmost respect for ladies and to set and hold them on pedestals as Queens and Angels as, they are our beloved mothers. Which, without a shadow of doubt, they are and forever will be despite their mistakes, shortcomings, and mishaps. 

I grew up in a tight-knit group/community amongst much of a diversely broad atmosphere and environment within, and, surrounding my family, such as, races, ethnicities and nationalities which had been Whites, Blacks, Asians, Germans, Arab/Africans, Iraqis and Iranians, and Hispanics. Therefore, unequivocally and categorically, inherently, the core foundation of my base, traits, characteristics, my character, is defined by, through, a crystal clear lens, providing a concise vantage point, aiming towards the ultimate apex of diversity and inclusion. Moreover and for those reasons, as highlighted in my “Curriculum Vitae of LOVE,” the foreign languages from which I derive and with which I am most familiar, are: Spanish, Indonesian, and Arabic.

The core principle, the theorized philosophy leading…, in order to establish a vibrant, loving and peaceful, beautiful and sweet, and harmonious paradigm illuminating of diversity and inclusion and, illuminating diversity and inclusion is, for one who’d experienced and coherently comprehends personally, directly, and professionally such crucial importance of advocating for an atmosphere and environment of diversity and inclusion, flourishing and ripening, in order to continually come to fruition, is to lead and carry this torch in reach of the moon yet if not, the, stars at the very least. For hereunto my skill in providing strategic leadership and direction in the formulation, execution and management in accordance with policies and programs in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are founded.

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