To The President of William Peace University—and Caleb Husmann, for Defamation


It is said that, and I paraphrase, “the ones who do nothing to resolve evil are just as guilty as the main culprits and perpetrators.”

All of this, the following, from the very beginning could’ve been resolved if you all had garnered and mustered the courage and intestinal fortitude to ask and speak with me directly regarding all the rumors you heard about me and the twisted narratives. As I spoke directly with and questioned Husmann, face-to-face, but who lied to several times.

Mr. President Ralph, several months ago now I reached out directly to your office in hopes of peacefully, kindly, and lovingly resolving the following disastrous, serious, paramount, nasty, and disgusting matters yet what I got back and received in return was—mockery. Without a care, whatsoever for the hundreds of people not only residing in NC but now here in DC, and around the country since I moved who’ve been tremendously affected alongside their such innocent families/friends/acquaintances with lies, fabrications, warped and distorted rhetoric.

[To whom this concerns, they very well know who they are.]

You are and were well aware, involved and in cahoots with scores of others who got illegal entrance into my apartment while living in North Carolina, and ever since I’ve moved to DC; over four years now you all have violated every single aspect of my privacy, my private matters such as calls/texts/emails to my travels (every detail of my vehicle) within and out of state whether to visit my beloved mother and family, and friends.

These were acts and behaviors for revenge as a result of having spoken out against this professor who was and remains to be the most rude, disrecpectful, selfish, and careless person I’ve come across. Who during every class I had with him would make the most derogatory, belittling, demeaning, and condescending remarks directed towards, me. He knew, and knows exactly what he did. It had nothing to do with me not wanting to be pointed out in classes as he’s told and shared with others ever since, trying to make himself look and seem innocent.

You all got between and ruined several occupational opportunities I had of salaries up to the six-figure range, again, by sharing and disseminating your lies and fabrications.

Let me make myself crystal clear that every time I felt as though I offended not only my colleagues and their families/parents but my professors, I always apologized and sought their forgiveness.

On top of all that one of the worst parts is that he too has been included with the violations of every aspect of my life.

Whilst through your violations and intrusions you all got in contact with a Counselor/Therapist of mine at the time to have her drastically, illegally, release very personal information of mine.

You have done this in cahoots with scores other people for ONE simple, him.

You’ve really hated and haven’t appreciated me that much even after having stood up and spoken for many others, besides my self?

Ladies and Gentlemen who knew and who know better, what would you have done in this case under these circumstances and what should I do?

[From where the whole ordeal stems]

The effects of the 3+ Year and current Saga whilst every single aspect of my personal life was, is and has been tracked, monitored, followed, invaded and intruded upon over and across state lines. My calls, messages, emails, travels, exercises and practices, spots, places and standings, locations, moves, transactions, visitations, actions and doings. Nonetheless, as it’s been made clear, indicated and implied, that many do not care at all about this and will, no matter what, continue doing what they’re doing and what they do, have done, and have been doing. Yet I truly hope this, in one simple way or another helps, encourages and uplifts, at least, one sacred fellow human being.

So, during a weekend get-away with colleagues, fellow students and aspiring scholars I’d shared and opened up, for the very first time publicly, about the sexual and physical abuse I experienced as a child thus the stages of healing and recovery I was on and had begun to reconcile with. Of course I’m not the only one we all have, had, are, and perhaps will encounter major and significant traumas, many adversities/adversaries/failures/mistakes and so on, and on. I don’t want nor do I need sympathy or a pity party. I’m not special nor am I the only one.

May we all continue to be courageous enough to acknowledge and embrace all above mentioned. “The first step to and the embarkation on a path to healing and recovery is to, allow our persons to know thus acknowledge what it is that needs to be prepared, remedied, reconstructed, and etc…”

Anyways at a retreat hosted and sponsored there were two young ladies, by the influence and encouragement of our leader/director/guide whose intention it was with persistence, to appear caring and embracing of me. One of these ladies much more so, threw herself at me during and throughout leisure activities of ours, amongst one another. At a later part of the evening alongside her other lady partners she agreed and we came to a mutual agreement, with the knowledge of all other participants, that we’d hang out together after showering, in the ladies’ dwelling. She allowed for me to lay in her bed and under her cover. But once she made it clear to me that she had a boyfriend, I departed. We talked together and hugged for a good and restful night.

It became clear to me, as every single thing always does come back to me in the aftermath, after the matter of facts, that we’d all been put under these roofs and such silos in order for a sect of people to gain personal information about ME, to, invade and intrude upon my very personal life—merely for the sake of revenge—the worst part, including and involving the professor with whom the following experiences I faced—because and for having stood up to and against this professor for the ways and methods of his “teachings” which were and had been truly and purely rude/hateful/nasty/disgusting/belittling/condescending/diminishing even after having confronted and spoken with him directly face-to-face in hopes to come to a resolution. He knew exactly what he was doing and, knows exactly what he did. Yet he lied to me every time when questioned. Despite myself having exuded always the courage to admit when I was, when I am, wrong. Not in cliche, bland nor naive mannerisms either.

And, so, I had no choice but to pursue other means of resolutions above his level most minimally for myself—but for the current and subsequent classes of university/college students who would choose to PACE for PEACE then, now, and into the future.

I loved, admired, respected and will always hold dear and treasure every and each of every one of my other and alternative professors at William Peace University. ALL other gentlewomen and gentlemen at, associated in any way with our sacred and beloved institution; in addition to every level, stage and aspect of Law Enforcement, their partners and agencies associated and affiliated with them—Thank YOU All.

He knows who he is and they know who he is.

I’ve given much room and time for change and redemption and rectification and for whom this concerns, I truly hope you look deep within and embark on major self-reflection in terms of how you’d feel if scores of people were and had gotten into YOUR very personal life and business. They’ve ruined, disrupted, and obstructed several opportunities of occupations that I had, by again compounding and mixing with, and to them, lies/falsehoods and untruths/fabrications/rotten, warped, nasty, disgusting rhetoric about me. The Textbook definition of “Defamation.”

PEACE and LOVE can and will never, ever, be separate or excluded. In fact there is not and never will be hate in my heart. What I want and what this one professor needs to do is allow for his redemption to take foot, most crucial and important and paramount, for his true, pure and innocent students, OUR Institution and, for his colleagues…for the sake of the future and the reputation of William Peace University.

Yes, while I attended William Peace University at which I was beyond fortunate there were a few ladies with whom connections and interests were mutual. Much more so particularly with some than others, however. But for over a year and beyond during my schooling I had no interest in cementing a relationship with any because at the time I had very specific things personally on which I had to work, repair and address. I didn’t want, it would’ve been foolish of me to bring a lady of a partner and significant other into the realm of a fractured, me. We can’t truly and heartedly love another if we don’t heartedly love ourselves.

After many periods of time I did decide after all to reach out to a few of the ladies whom I believed would give me a chance and who I’d been ignoring for quite a bit of time. Indeed, yes, I did then send messages (DMs in the vernacular) to each of them, more than once, because I wanted each one to distinctly and uniquely know that I cared for and didn’t want, nor had not I, forgotten about them as they’d shown and expressed to, me. I did approach a few of them, respectfully, to see and perhaps gain a sense of their interest in communicating and connecting. This is when things were completely turned upside down and flipped around, again, for purposes of vengeance, hate, and dislikeness.

One lady did follow me home to a point but apologized and admitted her wrongdoing and for that I have the utmost respect for her. As a few fabricated the fact that I had some sort of desire to follow her and others around campus, to stalk.

I—never stated or shared a word of abuse, assault, sex nor sexual perversion, rudeness, or profanity to them. I did not nor would I ever have put or laid a nonconsensual hand on them.

My primary and only objective is, and was, is to be crystal clear that the accusations of one to have allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed another is major and can have significant and tremendous adverse effects on one’s life. And that goes for the lives of ladies, and men.


[The Initial Email]
Love, NOT Hate

I pray that this email reaches you [your office] in wonderful health and spirits through God’s favor and love. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a student at William Peace University, under your care and charge.

Some, sadly and unfortunately, will despise you for speaking up/out against wrongdoing and diverting from the status quo, rather than strive to figure out and resolve the root of issues and problems encountered and experienced. Consequently, it is in fact funny, [yes], that I have been blocked from the school’s Twitter account for doing just that.

I will never sell my soul to the Devil and wrongdoings and, a grade will never define who I am. No matter what—I will always speak up/out against wrongdoing; and, wholeheartedly, take full responsibility for my actions, mistakes, and mishaps that I felt and still feel horrible about. There are ALWAYS two sides to a story, moreover; but most will only tell of the side that makes them look innocent and like the good one. However, I could truly care less about who likes and/or who does not like me…based on hearsay and what they have heard or think about me rather than looking at both sides of stories, at times pure fabrications. And choose to treat and look at me differently for that matter.

I care only about points and awards from and by God himself—the ultimate judge. Having said that, I here must and have to share with you and your office, things that I have experienced on these school grounds—from a student who gave their very all to serve our beloved country in the military in order to be able to do what I am doing now while I have the time. And I begin…

From Professors who mocked me for stuttering/stammering and the way I spoke and dress(ed).
From a Professor who had disrespectfully made derogatory comments and remarks regarding a uniform I’d worn and, to me for reviewing and looking at bulletins around the school providing and sharing useful and beneficial information for students/academics. From Professors who did not and could not, for whatever reason, afford me the appropriate credit/reward, accordingly, for hard work done and put forward every; single; day.

As for the Leadership Retreat I went on and participated in where I witnessed and saw plots/whisperings acted upon against and towards me to find, gain, and extract personal information from struggles of mine to then be used against me on the school’s premises…because of what was heard, thought, and believed about me within the school as a result of ways of Professors and experiences I had with them and so, for revenge, sadly and unfortunately.

Last but not least, yet I must point out…the most sad and despicable—things that were stated, directed at and towards me—in a place of worship on the school’s premises and, a beloved house of God.

God is great. God bless


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